The Counterfeit Guest

Rose Melikan

Spring 1797. The war with France deepens, the Channel Fleet has mutinied … and a ruthless traitor lurks within fashionable London society. A chance encounter places an unlikely sleuth on his trail: Mary Finch. Having gained a fortune but lost the regard of Captain Robert Holland, she wants only to enjoy the delights of the Season, yet she cannot ignore the evidence of a deeper mystery. Her curiosity leads to a meeting with an elusive spymaster and an audacious proposal. With England’s security and a friend’s safety at risk, Mary agrees to become a guest at the exotic Champian Hall, to learn the traitor’s secrets from within his household. The assignment is a perilous one, for it aims to unmask a band of murderous conspirators who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims – and Mary has only her wit and courage for protection.

The second book in the Mary Finch series is now available in the UK, the US, and Italy.

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