Reviews of The Mistaken Wife

Melikan's entertaining third historical thriller featuring Mary Finch ... Melikan successfully captures the spirit of the period while rooting her suspenseful espionage plot in actual events.

Publishers Weekly

I was gripped by this book from the very first page. ... This is a quality book, told by a master storyteller.  Highly recommended.

Historical Novels Review

Melikan always steeps her excellent mystery stories in authentic period detail and fascinating facts, evoking time and place with precision and panache.  With a rich cast of characters and an all-action plot, The Mistaken Wife proves to be a happy marriage of romance and adventure.

Lancashire Evening Post

...thrilling as well as suspenseful...The Mistaken Wife is a well-researched book with an imaginative story woven around the facts.

BookLoons Reviews

...filled with red herrings and plenty of thrills ...  With great characters and a unique and intriguing plot, THE MISTAKEN WIFE takes readers further along into Mary Finch's life as she refuses to be the proper young English heiress.  I highly recommend reading the first two books in this series, THE BLACKSTONE KEY and THE COUNTERFEIT GUEST, I promise that you will be delighted with Mary!

Romance Reviews Today

...this is an intriguing espionage novel that rings true...THE MISTAKEN WIFE is sure to please mystery fans with an interest in history.

...a novel that could be espionage written by Jane Austen...I was fascinated by the diverse, well-drawn characters.

A Traveler's Library

This is a richly detailed and literate historical adventure story with a smart, spunky heroine.  The details of Finch's life are intriguing and the sense of time and place are very strong.

Carole E. Barrowman's "The Morning Blend" books for September

Its historical accuracy is flawless and immediately captivating.  The story is deep and complex and far from a light read.  My heart raced as the French authorities became suspicious of Mary and Robert and I felt as if I was running for my life as well in this fast-paced, action-packed work...

Sacramento Book Review